SHARP agrees new strategy

Published 05 Apr 2016

SHARP has a new strategy to guide the next phase in development of the partnership. This builds on the achievements and learning to date, setting out the SHARP approach, roles and responsibilities within the partnership and a theory of change to realise its strategic objectives. These objectives remain unchanged, but the role of SHARP is now more tightly framed around three themes:

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New leaflet on RSS available

Published 05 Nov 2015

A new leaflet on the Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework is now available on the SHARP website. The aim of the leaflet is to provide a simple overview for anyone who is using RSS or is interested in responsible sourcing from smallholders. It incorporates input from RSS field tests with SHARP regional focal points SNV, Rainforest Alliance and Proforest

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CIFOR explores social impacts of oil palm expansion in West Kalimantan

Published 24 Sep 2015

A study published by CIFOR has analysed the impacts of oil palm expansion in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for smallholder communities and identifying negative outcomes for women in particular.

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Survey identifies obstacles and opportunities to smallholder finance in Latin America

Published 20 Aug 2015

The contentious reputation of palm oil, particularly in relation to land and labour conflicts, deforestation and weak governance, is creating the largest barrier to investment in the sector, a SHARP-commissioned study has found. Investors say they are looking for proof of sustainability via certification, something which many smallholders cannot afford or lack the technical capacity to implement. This may hinder access to finance and investment to improve sustainability in small-scale oil palm cultivation.

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Financing small-scale businesses and farmers in Ghana

Published 13 May 2015

Findings of a new study from Ghana have illuminated an innovative and little understood financing model from the palm oil industry.

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