Prácticas precautorias y aplicación móvil ayudan a pequeños agricultores hondureños a manejar AVC

Published 30 Jan 2017

En Honduras, la aplicación de las herramientas y enfoques de SHARP está tomando impulso. El punto focal regional de SHARP, Proforest, está trabajando con la empresa de aceite de palma Jaremar y la asociación de pequeños agricultores UNPALA en el uso del marco RSS como un enfoque paso a paso para la certificación de pequeños agricultores. Un aspecto clave de este trabajo es la ampliación de la aplicación del enfoque de prácticas precautorias simplificadas para la gestión de los AVC por los pequeños agricultores, que ha incluido pruebas de campo recientes del prototipo de una aplicación para apoyar a Gestores de Grupo a entender y evaluar los riesgos para los AVC.

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Precautionary practices and mobile app help Honduran smallholders manage HCVs

Published 25 Jan 2017

In Honduras, application of SHARP tools and approaches is gathering pace. SHARP’s regional focal point, Proforest is working with palm oil company Jaremar and smallholder association UNPALA using the RSS framework as a step-wise approach to smallholder certification. A key aspect of this work is scaling up the application of the simplified precautionary practices approach for smallholder management of HCVs, which has included recent field testing of a prototype app to help group managers understand and assess risks to HCVs.

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New technology to help smallholders avoid loss of HCV forest

Published 16 Jun 2016

SHARP partners Proforest, Daemeter and the HCV Resource Network are working with the World Resources Institute and Blue Rastar to develop a smart phone app that will help to reduce deforestation in smallholder supply bases. The app will facilitate the collection of information from smallholder farmers, like location of their farms, vegetation, presence of species, type of fertiliser used, etc.

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Learning with SHARP Regional Focal Points

Published 08 Mar 2016

Through 2015 Regional Focal Points (RFPs) have been leading the field implementation of the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework and simplified High Conservation Value (HCV) approach for smallholders. In January they met for two days in The Hague to capture and consolidate lessons from this formative experience. They were hosted by SNV and joined by staff from the Proforest Responsible Sourcing team, the HCV Resource Network and IDH. Here are their key conclusions:

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RSPO agrees on HCV approach for smallholders

Published 11 Dec 2015

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil's Biodiversity and HCV, and Smallholder Working Groups have officially approved the simplified High Conservation Value (HCV) approach for independent smallholders with established plantations, as developed by the HCV Resource Network and SHARP.

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