New technology to help smallholders avoid loss of HCV forest

Published 16 Jun 2016

SHARP partners Proforest, Daemeter and the HCV Resource Network are working with the World Resources Institute and Blue Rastar to develop a smart phone app that will help to reduce deforestation in smallholder supply bases. The app will facilitate the collection of information from smallholder farmers, like location of their farms, vegetation, presence of species, type of fertiliser used, etc.

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SHARP agrees new strategy

Published 05 Apr 2016

SHARP has a new strategy to guide the next phase in development of the partnership. This builds on the achievements and learning to date, setting out the SHARP approach, roles and responsibilities within the partnership and a theory of change to realise its strategic objectives. These objectives remain unchanged, but the role of SHARP is now more tightly framed around three themes:

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Learning with SHARP Regional Focal Points

Published 08 Mar 2016

Through 2015 Regional Focal Points (RFPs) have been leading the field implementation of the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework and simplified High Conservation Value (HCV) approach for smallholders. In January they met for two days in The Hague to capture and consolidate lessons from this formative experience. They were hosted by SNV and joined by staff from the Proforest Responsible Sourcing team, the HCV Resource Network and IDH. Here are their key conclusions:

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Innovation, smallholders and sustainable agriculture

Published 22 Feb 2016

SHARP is a supporting partner for a two-day multi-stakeholder conference organised by the Innovation Forum which is taking place in London, March 22-23.

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Indonesian companies learn more about RSS

Published 16 Feb 2016

In December SHARP Regional Focal Point SNV and the secretariat of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) joined forces to stage a seminar and talk shop in Jakarta for Indonesian palm oil companies. A major purpose for this event was to present learning from the field application of the RSS framework in Indonesia. The seminar was attended by representatives from 15 companies together with 7 NGOs. 

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