SHARP Practitioners meet in Bogor

The informal SHARP Practitioners group brings together organisations around the world involved in developing and using SHARP tools and approaches. Bogor Indonesia was the venue for a physical meeting of this group over two days in February. Read about the topics of discussion and new ideas emerging from this event.

On the first day, the group shared and analysed experiences using the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework and simplified HCV for smallholders around the world, then moved on to discuss global challenges, opportunities and emerging ideas on smallholder engagement. On Day 2 the focus was on Indonesia, exploring how best to move forward on smallholder support here, drawing on lessons learned from the work of the SHARP partnership and beyond. For these discussions, some key local stakeholders were also invited to join the discussion and present their own experiences.  

A Pre-event webinar primed participants on Proforest smallholder work using RSS and simplified HCV in Honduras, Malaysia and the Philippines. Further experience from landscape initiatives in Latin America and smallholder capacity building in Africa and were shared in the meeting. Then from Indonesia itself a series of innovations in smallholder engagement, extension support, production and protection at landscape scale and jurisdictional intervention.

The group identified various emerging issues and proposed a series of solutions to address these. These included measures to improve the business case for transformation in smallholder production practice, streamlined smallholder engagement through use of mobile IT and a South-East Asia network of practitioners to build field capacity for supporting engagement between smallholders and the companies that source from them.

A summary report of the event can be found here.