Revision of RSPO New Planting Procedures (NPP) for Smallholders

RSPO has developed a new draft NPP guidance document for smallholders who are part of a Group that is already certified, or has the intention of achieving certification.

The guidance is mainly intended for use by Group Managers, who are responsible for ensuring that members comply with all NPP requirements, and reporting to RSPO in this regard. The draft guidance document is available in six languages on the RSPO website.
The intention is to streamline the process by introducing a pre-assessment to identify the cases where Groups do not need to develop a full NPP report. The two-stage process is illustrated in the form of a flow chart.

RSPO will generally require that all expansion of planted areas by group certified smallholders since January 2010 be compliant with the assessments and verification activities set out in the NPPs, unless:

  1. The cumulative size of the expansion does not exceed 100Ha/year.

  2. Farms are not located where risk of negative Social and Environmental impacts or impacts High Conservation Value (HCV) are high.
  3. There are no peat soils present.


A full NPP report would include Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA), High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment and Green House Gas (GHG) assessment, to determine the risk level of the new development area. RSPO will make available a new SEIA tool, an HCV app and dashboard and a GHG tool to help smallholder groups to meet these requirements. These tools allow for the generation of automated reports once all data has been inputted.

The NPPs also require a Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA). For this purpose, Group Managers may submit standard format maps to the RSPO Secretariat which will produce a LUCA on behalf of the group.
The new NPP guidance indicates how smallholders should address the need to Free Prior and Informed Consent Compliance (FPIC) from indigenous peoples and other local communities for their development of palm oil plantations.
How to participate
Consultees can return comments and provide inputs in a common template for the SH NPP Guidance, available on this page of the RSPO website, where there are also details of the face to face consultations planned for October.

The consultation period ends on 30 October.