Latin American groups share experiences

Lessons learned from working with oil-palm smallholders in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Honduras

SHARP organised a series of meetings between company and organisation representatives from Latin America in September 2014 to share experiences and learn different approaches in working with smallholders in palm.

The head of smallholder support programmes from two companies in Brazil, ADM and Belém Bioenergia Brasil, met industry stakeholders in:

The meetings were a great opportunity to learn how organisations are working with smallholders across Latin America. Companies described the support they provide for smallholder suppliers, the tools and methodologies used, and new research that could benefit both smallholders and the sector at large.

This experience reinforced the findings from SHARP’s São Paolo workshop (report here) that, even with varied contexts, there are common challenges among the countries in the region, and that sharing information and lessons learned is an important tool for improving work related to smallholders.

Bringing organisations together and creating an environment for information exchange is one of the key strategies of SHARP. This initiative was a great example of the benefits of sharing. All organisations were very open and collaborative.

(Image: Edegar de Oliveira Rosa)

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