Indonesian companies learn more about RSS

In December SHARP Regional Focal Point SNV and the secretariat of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) joined forces to stage a seminar and talk shop in Jakarta for Indonesian palm oil companies. A major purpose for this event was to present learning from the field application of the RSS framework in Indonesia. The seminar was attended by representatives from 15 companies together with 7 NGOs. 

Dani Rahadian of SNV explained the RSS framework itself and discussed experience in implementing RSS in two different contexts, the first where an oil palm mill acted as Implementing Entity (IE), the second where the IE was a farmer cooperative. Dani described the differences and issues common to both cases and explained how RSS can be used as a pathway towards RSPO certification.

RSS can be used as a pathway towards RSPO certification

This information was well received by participants. Local companies voiced common concerns around the barriers to certification (both RSPO and ISPO) for smallholders. They noted the need for more support to raise the capacity for investment in more intensive smallholder production. They also highlighted the need for incentives to help small farmers improve production practices. Some of these companies now see that RSS offers a way forward to tackle these issues.

See presentation in Bahasa given by SNV's Dani Rahadian here