Fedepalma launches new guide to access finance

The national federation of palm oil farmers in Colombia has published a new version of its guide to help members access credit.

Fedepalma brings together palm oil farmers at all scales. This new guide caters for all, with particular attention to the needs of the smallholder. It provides simple summaries of information in an attractive design package covering financial services offered by FINAGRO, an institution linked to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It also refers to services offered by cooperatives, NGOs, RSPO Smallholder Support Fund, and other unregulated supply chain partners and input suppliers who may offer informal financial services. The guide distinguishes different types of producers and sets out the terms and conditions applying to each. It also takes the farmer through important aspects to take into account when developing a project plan. Now workshops are being planned in order to take the guide to the palm oil regions and present it to farmers’ technical support staff, using practical examples to illustrate how they could go about supporting farms access credit in different circumstance, for different needs. This could help them to understand the various finance options and see for themselves which is most appropriate in different cases.