A New RSPO Strategy for Smallholders

In June 2017 the RSPO Board of Governors approved a new Strategy for Smallholders, which aims to contribute to a simplification of the RSPO certification approach and thereby increase the number of smallholders included in the RSPO system.

The strategy anticipates a standard that is tailored to smallholder needs and reduces the burden to certification, whilst upholding headline sustainability requirements.

The strategy adopts the goal of securing measurable impacts by ensuring that smallholders are able to achieve a sustainable livelihood through their inclusion in sustainable palm oil supply chains. To deliver this goal the strategy sets out three objectives;

  1. Improvement of smallholder livelihoods
  2. Increased numbers of smallholders in the RSPO system
  3. A business case for smallholder inclusion in the RSPO system

There are six guiding principles underpinning the strategy, which are intended to help weigh the appeal of different intervention options during implementation and to support decisions are made about program priorities, timelines and budgets.

A summary of the strategy is presented onĀ the RSPO website, where a copy of the full strategy document can be downloaded.