Cargill launches new programme working with smallholder producers of red seaweed

Published 27 Feb 2019

Red seaweed extracts are used as a texturizing ingredient in many food and personal care products, and today most supplies originate from smallholders farming red seaweed around the coasts of Southeast Asia and East Africa.

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SPOTT release new publication on disclosure of smallholder information in supply chains

Published 26 Feb 2019

The report,  reviewed by SHARP partner Proforest, is based on data collected in 2018, and finds that there is a lack of disclosure by palm oil producers and traders on both the extent and locations of smallholders within their supply chain. 71% of the assessed companies with smallholders reported a planted area for their scheme smallholders, whilst only 15% published maps of their scheme smallholder locations. Only five of 58 companies assessed on SPOTT have certified > 75% of their scheme smallholders. The proportion of companies assessed reporting on their independent smallholder support programmes or explicitly extended their sustainability commitments to cover all their palm oil sourcing is less than 50%.

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Apical and Setara Jambi building capacity through an RSS programme

Published 14 Nov 2018

In 2017 Apical launched a project to pilot the use of the RSS framework with mills in its supply base in Siak District, Riau Province on the island of Sumatra. Apical is working with Proforest, Daemeter Consulting and implementation partner Yayasan Setara Jambi to roll out this project at one of their key supplying palm oil mills. The mill company PT TKWL has recognised the potential value in this project to help them to establish good relationships with independent smallholders, which in turn, benefits both parties.

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RSS in action across a landscape of small sugar planters in Philippines

Published 09 Nov 2018

Over the past two years Nestlé has been supporting a multi-stakeholder programme based on the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework in Negros Occidental, the Philippines’ largest sugar-producing region.

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Engaging smallholder rubber producers in South Sumatra using the RSS framework

Published 06 Nov 2018

SNV has successfully applied the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) as a framework for smallholder engagement and support by Indonesian crumb rubber production company Kirana Megatara in the Sembilang-Dangku landscape of South Sumatra.

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