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Cargill launches new programme working with smallholder producers of red seaweed
SPOTT release new publication on disclosure of smallholder information in supply chains
SPOTT (Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit), an initiative developed by ZSL, has published a new report on how companies incorporate smallholders into their commitment; disclose information on the smallholders they source from; and provide details on the levels of support they provide to smallholders in their supply chains.
Apical and Setara Jambi building capacity through an RSS programme
RSS in action across a landscape of small sugar planters in Philippines
Engaging smallholder rubber producers in South Sumatra using the RSS framework
Contrasting Approaches to Smallholder Certification from Bonsucro and RSPO
Mapping the natural rubber supply chain from processing factories up to smallholders: Michelin implements RUBBERWAY®
After publishing its sustainable natural rubber policy in 2016, Michelin – one of the world’s leading buyers of natural rubber – has launched RUBBERWAY®, a mobile application designed to map Michelin’s natural rubber supply chain and assess suppliers’ practices in different geographical areas.
Launch of Musim Mas Extension Services Programme
Current practices and innovation in finance for smallholder oil palm
Public Consultation on the Bonsucro Smallholder Standard and Calculator
On 4-5 December, Innovation Forum and Bonsucro hosted the annual Sustainable Sugarcane Forum in London. The event offered brands and end-users in the sugarcane supply chain the chance to discuss the commercial opportunities of implementing sustainability and ethical initiatives, and explored the practicalities of how to ensure their success on-the-ground. A number of issues of particular relevance to small sugarcane producers emerged from the discussions.
Revision of RSPO New Planting Procedures (NPP) for Smallholders
RSPO has developed a new draft NPP guidance document for smallholders who are part of a Group that is already certified, or has the intention of achieving certification.
Review of RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&Cs)
How should smallholders be considered in the context of RSPO’s ongoing P&C review project?
A New RSPO Strategy for Smallholders
In June 2017 the RSPO Board of Governors approved a new Strategy for Smallholders, which aims to contribute to a simplification of the RSPO certification approach and thereby increase the number of smallholders included in the RSPO system.
Fedepalma launches new guide to access finance
The national federation of palm oil farmers in Colombia has published a new version of its guide to help members access credit.
Oil Palm Smallholder Support Program Delivered in Mexico
SHARP’s Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) Framework helps new project identify risks and needs of smallholders, paving the way for a process of RSPO certification.