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Around 70% of the world's coffee supply is grown by smallholders cultivating areas of less than 10 hectares.

Photo: Ingmar Zahorsky

The SHARP approach

SHARP works towards achieving its objectives through the following approaches:

  • Providing a platform for mutual learning and information sharing
    SHARP provides an enabling environment for exchanging information and learning between companies and other stakeholders through discussion platforms on successful approaches to smallholder development at national, regional and international levels. SHARP provides a neutral space to convene different actors, at the regional, national and local level, to discuss challenging or contentious issues which require resolutions.

  • Supporting development and implementation of shared solutions to common problems
    SHARP brings different actors together, including companies, and works jointly with them to identify common challenges and issues relating to responsible smallholder production with the aim of developing shared solutions to these issues. SHARP will also support partners and other stakeholders with testing the different approaches which are developed to address the identified challenges.

These approaches will be utilised across the three main programmes around which SHARP is structured: